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What do I do to transfer my club membership to V4.0?

For technical reasons the membership can not be transferred automatically. Basically, the club system in V4.0 is replaced by the premium subscription. The transmission can only be done manually.

For transmission the following steps are necessary:

    1    The transfer is limited to the period from 4/01/2018 - 12/31/2019.

    2    First, start the V4 and create your RaschID account so that you can play. (How should I do that?)

    3    After:

    4    You write us an email to premiumAbo@v4.raschesspiele.de with the following information:

    5    - Your RaschID (your specified email address)

    6    - Your registered name and address

    7    - The maximum 6 digit serial number of the club membership (How do I find her?) or the MAC address of the computer with the membership.

    8    - Indicate what membership is concerned(Skat, Doppelkopf, Schafkopf)

    9    All you have to do now is wait until we have finished the transfer. In the meantime, you can play with the light version (demo). Please do not be surprised. There are already 50 hands pre-mixed, from which you randomly play a hand. So it will happen that you play a played hand again, because mixing does not happen in the light version.

How does the transfer work?

Your club membership will be converted into a premium subscription (about). As with club membership, the subscription ends automatically. Termination is absolutely not necessary and there are no deadlines that have to be met. Now everything is as she is used to. For example, if the app is later on Apple Appstore or you later use an iPhone / iPad, we adapt it to the local conditions.

We assign your new premium subscription directly to your RaschID. The next time you start your V4, you will automatically receive the message after logging in that you have a new product. You will then be taken to the registry management automatically and only have to say that you want to use the subscription to this computer.

All premium subscriptions always include 2 licenses. There was only one license for her old club membership.

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